Polished Concrete’s Increasing Popularity In Australia

Many builders and home owners are electing to use the exposed aggregate look in their new concrete floors. This is where concrete is used as the flooring but there are items such as rocks, coins, colored glass, marbles or other things used to create a desired look. This process works quite well and can create the desired look, but must be worked at the proper time as the concrete is setting. Removing the top film too early can cause too much exposure of the elements, not allowing the floor to set evenly. Waiting too late in the process can cause too much film being left on top of the elements, not allowing the desired look.

How Can This Work?

The oldest method of creating this look, does not require any chemicals. this has been done in time by water and a broom, gently sweeping away the desired amount of film on top of the aggregate. The success to this method is in the timing and has been proven to work best for small jobs and not quite as well on larger open areas. With the use of this technique today on larger areas, that is why more chemicals are now used, to slow down the process of the concrete setting so that it can still be scrubbed or power washed to the desired look as the film is being removed.

Polished Concrete's Increasing Popularity In Australia

 Where Is this Flooring Used?


  • In many homes as the decorative main flooring
  • Some commercial businesses are now using concrete as part of their decor
  • It is showing up well in pool houses and areas around many various swimming pools
  • Some patio and deck flooring are now selecting this popular choice
  • Sidewalks and drive ways are also offing and inviting walk with style


Is Australia The Main Market?

Even though the popularity of decorative concrete has become big in Australia, it is also catching on world wide. Naming Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, and that is only a few of the areas that this is being considered as an option for new construction and remodels. Contractors are taking advantage of the many benefits of this technique. Even though for the contractor, this may not be the least amount of work, but allows their talents and abilities to shine through, creating a master piece that will last for many years to come.


With the long lasting effects and the amazement that has been discovered with using the basic natural elements involving concrete and even various rocks, have shown amazement to even the most known designers. This flooring can be designed to work even out doors with your new patio and barbecue area for entertaining your guests. You can create your own special design for your porches and side walks, leading your guests to your patio or to your home. Another amazing master piece can be created in your own yard, with selecting your concrete driveways Melbourne, by adding your own style and design to match your decor and your personality as your welcome your guests.

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