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Concrete works

We, at KA Veltman Concrete LLC, specialize in landscaping and construction concrete finishing service. All of our concrete contractors are highly trained as well as skilled and pride themselves on providing the best concrete work in the area. Whether it’s an attractive texturised and colored concrete cover by the pool or under the kitchen cabinets and walkways area, we offer a wide variety of textures, colors and materials.

You can have the opportunity to have custom designed concrete surface. In combination with our impeccable performance you will be supremely satisfied by the result. We work hard to assure every cover is even, smooth and durable. All of our concrete contractors are trained to be exact and up-to-date on all handling and safety measures to ensure that the job is done right and with the utmost caution.

We aim to complete our concrete work in the timeliest, most efficient and safe manner to ensure that you get the results that you want without any danger or inconvenience to you or your family. We offer both commercial and residential services, so no matter what your needs are, you can be sure that we’ll be able to help.

KA Veltman Concrete LLC offers dedicated service in concrete repairs and installations. Our professional concrete company ensures proper quality of the materials and planning. Redmond, OR residents recognize us as highly knowledgeable reliable and dependable. In the abilities of our concrete contractors are included excavation, demolition, drainage and various other projects of any scale.

Concrete work Demolition

Affordable and simple demolition contracts can be accomplished by KA Veltman Concrete LLC in record time. We work efficiently to remove buildings, swimming pools and sidewalks. Light commercial demolition includes asbestos removal and recycling of the materials.

Welcome to KA Veltman Concrete LLC website


Utility and excavation projects are handled by our concrete contractors in Redmond, OR. We perform high level of service from the smallest to the largest projects. Underground utility repairs and installations are completed quickly to restore your business or home to its operational state.

Drainage and Waterproofing

We install and replace foundation drains and we waterproof underground structures, such as basements. Each our concrete contractor is skilled, also can provide yard drainage, foundation cracks repairs and septic tank cleanings. Sewer, septic and drainage systems are repaired and replaced at economical prices, as well.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Many of our residential and commercial customers have taken advantage of our design expertise. We help with creating outdoor compositions to secure unstable parts of land around homes and buildings. Demanding designs and projects are our specialty in Redmond, OR.


Durable industrial and residential floors are installed by experts at KA Veltman Concrete LLC. We offer unlimited variety of patterns and colors to meet the expectations of our clients.We also use polished concrete for architectural beauty of concrete will provide you with unique decor within indoor or outdoor spaces alike.If you want more detail of polished concrete you can visit this page: www.designerpremix.com.au/polished-concrete

KA Veltman Concrete LLC offers versatility of services and flexibility of choices. Our specialists are highly trained in all aspects of concrete removal and applications. We guarantee courteous service and completion of all jobs within the time specified in the contract. We are the biggest professionals upon the concrete companies. Call is at (541) 604-4943 to speak with our friendly customer service representatives, and schedule your appointment today.

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