Epoxy Paint for Concrete That Lasts

Any commercial or industrial building that you rent out, you’ll find that it comes with a bare concrete floor. What should you do to the floor? Should you just leave it be and bring in your equipment? Or should you paint or coat it in some way? If you decide on some kind of treatment, epoxy painted concrete is a great idea?

Coat Your Concrete Floors

Now there are a number of reasons why you would want to coat your concrete floors with something. When that’s done, it will look better, anything that spills won’t stain the floor or be impossible to remove, it will prevent the concrete from getting moist the way it tends to do in humid weather, and it can be great for chemical resistance. A drab and untreated concrete floor can be a pretty sad-looking thing.

Epoxy Paint for Concrete That Lasts

Of course, using epoxy paint for concrete doesn’t always work out well. Sometimes, the application isn’t done as well as it should be. And the coating begins to come off. If that happens, it can really bring work at your place to a standstill as workers go about repairing the coating. Basically, if you possibly can think of a way you can do without the coating, that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It’s hard to say why a coating of toxic paint for concrete should fail. But there are a number of possible reasons why this might happen. It’s possible that the concrete isn’t adequately prepared. If there’s oil on the surface or even dirt, that could make it hard for the proxy to stick. Sometimes, the concrete that is laid down in the area just lets off too much water vapor. Constant pressure from water vapor under the surface can cause it to become unstuck. Sometimes, while the epoxy paint sticks well to the concrete, the concrete doesn’t stick well to the base. The concrete itself begins to come off.

Best Kind of Concrete Surface

The best kind of concrete surface to coat with epoxy paint is the kind you see on the every sidewalk in a clean neighborhood. It’s been out there in the sun for ages and it weather-cured. There’s never been any paint or oil or anything on it. If the floor you have has already been used for some kind of industrial purpose, it is possible people have spilled things there, that there is oiliness involved and so on. Surface preparation should be the one thing that you worry about the most.
You could probably take care of most problems by calling someone in to shot blast the floor. And then, you could water blast the floor. With this, you should probably take your every kind of problem. Epoxy paint for concrete sells at about $500 a gallon on average. But there are varieties that sell for a mere $50, too. The paint usually contains 50% solvents and 50% epoxy. Modern paint contains no solvent it’s all. These happen to be the most expensive kind.

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