The Differences Between Exposed Aggregate and Decorative Concrete on Your Driveway

When it comes to driveway paving materials, homeowners need to make an important decision between Exposed Aggregate and Decorative Concrete. Both options are great for your driveway although you need to make a solid choice between either of them depending on some factors discussed below. Note that concrete is made up of cement and aggregates such as sand or stones. Its poured on your pavement and typically smoothed out.  On the otherhand exposed aggregate concrete is made the same as concrete but is a top surface is removedtoexpose aggerate underneath.

Learning about some of difference and benefits of both Exposed Aggregate and Decorative Concrete paving can help you choose between them before contacting concrete driveways Melbourne Company.


Both exposed aggregate and decorative concrete are very durable. Althoughthe former is described as a mixture of several minerals such as mixed or sand-gravel that can easilybe modified by adding color or texture while the latter has a smooth finish to avoid the dangers if slipping or tripping.


Exposed aggregates come in various colors while decorative concretes have a flat finish that can be designed and colored in any shades.  Exposed aggregates get its colors from the natural minerals colors which are responsible for its high value. Decorative concrete driveways are enhanced using stamping and other treatments.

Finishing time

A driveway with exposed aggregates takes a long time to finish while decorative concretes are easier to apply. It will take a day to pour and smoothen the surface and spray the special chemicals applied to make it durable and long lasting. Concrete driveways Melbourne is easier to pour and smoothen taking just an hour to finish and dry. Any decorative can be applied later when the homeowner deems fit.

Suspectable to elements

Both exposed aggregates and decorative can be easy maintenance; however, they are affected by natural and human-made events making them weaker. Both can be sealed for more extended protection, although aggregates driveways are highly prone to various weather conditions. After a few years, you will see pebbles or small stones will start to disintegrate and break,and this can’t be reversed. Decorative concrete with time starts cracking and breaking due to the heavy load or even accidentally falling heavy objects.

Take care of your driveways

A driveway with exposed aggregate needs more work to maintain while a decorative concrete driveway is easy to clean. Exposed aggregate is highly susceptible to leaves, sand or even dirt that enter in the gaps. It’svery hard to remove them unless you use a powerful water hose. Moreover,much pressure each day will widen the crack and create holes creating more problems. A decorative driveway is easy to scrub and wash with ease as long as there is no cracks, holes or gaps in between.

If you’ve decided on the best type of driveway you’d like to see in front of your home, don’t hesitate to contact concrete driveways Melbourne and schedule a free estimate today.

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