The best way to get your decorative concrete

Decorative concrete is a process of staining and decoration of fresh concrete, colored hardeners, release agents, resins and polyurethane shapes that perfectly mimic floors of stones, bricks, woods and others with the strength of reinforced concrete. The flooring has excellent durability and low maintenance, recovery can be done at any time. Decorative concrete is used in many parts of the world, mainly in theme parks, because the cost-effective is excellent and has a quick application, and can be used in pool decks, sidewalks, patios, squares, cycle paths, Internal and external, enabling the use of color and any visual programming, creating a smooth, non-slip, comfortable and extremely durable surface.

Bet on stamped concrete and polished concreteto modernize environments

On the floor of an internal and external structure, both in homes and public establishments, it is common to use traditional ceramic, wood or basic concrete floors in the coloring of shades of gray. But, a trend that is being increasingly used is the polished concrete. The textures and colors are diverse, which allows people to transform the concrete into pieces that resemble other materials, such as stones, wood, ceramics and bricks, for example. The concrete floor that happens to be Decorative concrete is made by hand, that is, with the addition of pigments it is possible to color with a wide range of colors, whether in the variation of red, blue, yellow, green, among many others. Give the different molds.

 The best way to get your decorative concrete

Why trydecorative concrete

The concrete floors are produced in a handmade way, directly on the surface, near the concreting of the floor. In this process, the staining products and the appropriate tools are applied to mold the floors. Before installing concrete floors it is necessary to do all the preparation of the area in the same way as in traditional concrete applications.

Concrete floors are indicated for environments that, in addition to aesthetic functions, also need resistance, as in outdoor areas of commercial establishments, hotels, schools, restaurants, pool decks, terraces, sidewalks, balconies and etc. However, although it is primarily used in large and external constructions, and the advantages are most significant in such cases, concrete floors can also be applied in homes and indoors. This type of floor can also be used in your driveway, contact concrete driveways Melbourne for more information.

Cost x benefits

Among the benefits of concrete floor during the job are productivity and rationalization of the workforce. In the right amount, the concrete application is quick, especially when done with experienced professionals such as concrete driveways Melbourne. Usually 150 square meters a day can be done at once, with a team of four to five people, which reduces costs. The advantages of this type of floor, after the finished environment, go beyond the aesthetic beauty, due to the wide variety of models. It also provides greater resistance to friction and abrasion, because of the materials used.

Floor maintenance is practical. For both internal and external areas, periodic washing is required and once again can be done by concrete driveways melbourne. And, every two years, the reapplication of sealant is indicated to enhance the coloring. In internal environments a liquid wax can also be passed after the sealant.

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