What Are The Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floors In The Home?

Polished Concrete floors are becoming quite popular and the choice of many designers, re-modelers and home builders. Many homes are built on concrete slabs and already offer concrete as their base flooring for the homes. The realization of the durability, lack of maintenance, flexibility of the design options and the lower costs of this type of flooring is driving it’s popularity to high levels. Many designers and builders, are selecting this as the flooring for many modern and upscale homes. The flexibility and the many benefits that it offers are bringing concrete, one of our oldest building options, back to life with style.

 How Does This Work?

This type of flooring has many options for the modern home designs. The concrete is treated with a variety of special chemicals and ground with grinding tools. The grits are selected, starting with the larger bits and progressing to the smallest to get the desired grind. Stains and dyes can be added to change the colors or contrasts. Once this step is completed many simple artistic steps can be added such as borders, grids, scoring, and many other creative designs to match the decor and the desired look. Many items such as coins, metal chips, a variety of colored or clear crushed glass, or any other elements that you would like to add.

 Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

The cost is that of one of the most cheapest modern flooring

  • The flexibility of the design offers the highest possibilities
  • It cuts down allergy building components inside of your home
  • This type of floor is basically maintenance free to the home owner
  • The durability of this flooring has been known to last over 100 years

What Are The Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floors In The Home

 How Is This A Healthy Flooring For Your Home?

Decorative concrete flooring seems to be proving itself as a healthy choice for your home in many different categories. People are choosing it because of its ability to have a stylish modern floor within their budget as extremely healthy for their overall building or remodeling budget. Others may have a concern about health issues such as allergies or respiratory problems for themselves or a family member. With many homes, there are a million places that dust mites, mold, bacteria and other pollutants can hide and set off many attacks of respiratory issues for the unexpected home owner.

Since the majority of this flooring is enhanced with natural elements such as stones or granites or glass, then it is sanded and sealed to a smooth elegant finish, this leaves little room for allergens or mold to adhere and grow. Even the dust mites, have a hard time finding a place to attach themselves. This has been proven to help offer a cleaner air option inside of your home, making a huge difference for people with allergies and other respiratory issues. So remember when planning your next building project ore remodel, your new exposed aggregate concrete flooring has many choices to create your dream look for your new flooring project.


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