3 Polished Concrete Process In Australia

In Australia and many other parts of the world, the decorative concrete flooring is gaining in popularity. This is proving to be one of the cheapest and most durable floor coverings on the market, which offers the home owners, designers and builders a vast variety of choices including colors and designs to help them to make their dream homes become a reality. This style also helps them to stay within their budget for the home owners. The builders and designers are liking the choices and prices that this offers them allowing them to match with almost any decor and leaving more of the budget for other areas in the project.

How Is This Done?

All of us have seen regular cement floors in various buildings such as sheds and garages. It has been a popular choice for patios and pavilions for many years. Now the art of polishing this and adding colors and natural stones and such is making this the prime choice for flooring even in modernly designed homes. The ability of sanding down the concrete starting with a coarser sander and working down to a finer grade of grit paper works similar to that of sanding down a hardwood floor. Then it is polished with a form of metal bond diamond abrasive to add the shine that the project requires.

3 Polished Concrete Process In Australia

 Why Use Concrete For Your Flooring?

  • These floors are durable and have a life expectancy of 100+ years
  • The offer of the flexibility of the different colors and styles
  • The cost is cheaper compared to most flooring supplies
  • Cuts down on the allergies inside of your home


Can You Choose This For Remodels?


When you have decided to remodel your older home, many of the slab ones already have a concrete flooring as a base. This older concrete can be revived to look a fresh new floor. There are a variety of ways of sanding and polishing the old to bring it back to life. If a different color is to be added or a design of like stone, glass or any other design is to be added then a layer of new concrete can be added. The thickness that may be needed could vary, depending upon what the desired design for the new project. This flooring is one of the most durable and long lasting floor covering that a home owner can purchase for their home.


With the technology of today, allowing the plain boring concrete flooring to come alive and become one of the most popular decorative flooring that is available, many builders and designers are using this technique. This not only allows modern designs and styles, but saves money on the overall budget and offers a quality flooring that will out last the home. When many home owners are considering remodels or new construction, this popular idea and technology is catching on fast. Many Melbourne builders are now offering this polished concrete to their customers you can find more detail when planning new construction projects or the basic remodeling of their existing structure.

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